Thursday, January 15, 2009


Check it... in early Novemeber I got my first speeding ticket. For some reason I didnt think my payment was due till Moday which is the 19th so I had decided to just go tomorrow morning. Well... brace yourself.. sit down... are you ready?... ok... I just looked at the paper thingy that they sent a month or so ago and my fine was actually due today on the 15th!! I got mixed up cause school starts on Monday. Oh man... imma go to jail now, im a criminal!!! lmao... I'm waking up bright and early tomorrow for court to take care of it, so much for sleeping in.

"Going for Yours"

So… this is officially my first entry. My day so far is starting off right. Woke up and took myself to the gym. Ran my 3.0 miles and did a bit of weights so im pretty much in a good mood taken that I didn’t pass out like I did the first time I went, literally. Alright alright so I take the blame, it was my own fault for going to the gym knowing I hadn’t eaten a bit of food. Crazy part was… as I was blacking out and slightly falling to the ground as my two good friends tried to hold me up and take me to the water fountain a certain stupid dude had the nerve to try and get at one of my friends as if I wasn’t right in front of him looking like I was about to die. Freakin idiot.

One last thing … I don’t understand guys sometimes. When they want to “Go for theirs”, they seriously “Go for theirs”. Example, dude sees me dying… he still decides to go for his by trying to get at my friend. Another example… when at the gym, im on the treadmill running, sweating, looking a mess… a guy still had the audacity to try and run next to me and get at me… muthaeffer im trying to work out. “Need a workout buddy”? Pshhh. My iPod is my workout buddy, no thanks. So guys I understand that “sometimes as a man you just gotta do man shit”, like a certain someone always tells me but seriously… there’s always a time and place “to go for yours” BUT a gym is certainly not one of them. Ha.

Yup I went to the hospital that day. Embarrassingggg.