Monday, February 9, 2009

Rolling with the big dogs

"If you want to roll with the big dogs you cant piss like a puppy"

This past Saturday was my older sister's baby shower at my house which lasted longer then your average baby showers, till 2 a.m? Unheard of right? lol. Good times tho.

Around 12 ish a few of us had enough to drink but taken that the patron was out didn't stop others.. to the store they went to buy more. I had tons of good laughs with my sister's boyfriend, his friends, some of mines, along with my uncle.

"This is your conscious... this is hella patron" - Jay

Video clip of Jay being Nick's "conscious"... haha. I SO can't wait to hit Vegas with these guys.

4 of them finished that bottle in about an hour... whewwwww. crazyyyy.