Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just A Taste... Weekend Warriors 2nd Season.

With a successful 1st season it would of only been right for a 2nd season and of course Desi and Bri came hard yet again with not only creating some ill designs for us ladies BUT .... yes theres a BUT... they as well gave hints that a jewelry collaboration will be released as well.

Ive been following these ladies on their journey since their first teaser release with the "Pussy Prevails" shirt and since then I just knew these ladies were here to stay. For those whom aren't familiar with the line or what it really consists of, as stated earlier by Desi via BBM, Weekend Warriors is a "Vulgar but realistic look into the everyday woman's life".

Im thrilled for the release come March, and like they always say... dont get on their bad side or you might just end up on a shirt. ha.