Sunday, March 1, 2009

Not anytime soon.

On Friday Nessa celebrated her 23rd birthday. Honestly... the whole "club thing" aint my scene whats so ever. I rather just stay at home & chill but takin' that she's a close friend I decided to go. So I had a bit of fun but let me say this, I aint missing a DAMN thing by not being a regular person who goes out on weekends. The 85% of whack music, the pushy up boys with no sense on how to approach a female, the drama between females, etc... yeah NO THANKS.

Has to tag because unfortunately I've spotted my pictures around many accounts which is weird cause I could of sworn I only have 1 Myspace account lmao.

Picture takin' of me while I was in the middle of gettin' dressed at Nessa's house.

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